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As the voting process here in the US is both complicated and tedious, since WE, THE PEOPLE can vote for almost everybody and everything, the goal for this website is to:

  • Make the election process easier to figure out.
  • More easily find out who the candidates are and what they stand for.
  • Find information about issues that are voted on.
  • Find schedules and locations for voting.

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“They say you don’t vote, but they don’t say why you don’t vote!”

To register to vote, an individual must be

  • a United States citizen
  • a resident of the county
  • at least 18 years old on Election Day.
  • registered to vote at least 30 days in advance of the election date.



You can get a voter registration application at a library or ANY government office.


Then bring it to the County Clerks office:

101 E. Cypress

Johnson City, Texas 78636


Send it to the Tax Assessor-Collector:

Kristen Spies

P.O. Box 465

Johnson City 78636


You can also register in person at the Blanco County Voter Registrar’s office located at the office of the County Clerk.


Remember to bring ID


Within 30 days after registering you will be mailed a voter registration card with name, address, and precinct number.


The voter registration card

will  (among other things)  tell you:



1)  The local voting precinct you belong to. (This number is just underneath the gender box: Prec.No.)



2)  Which districts you belong to when you vote for different  types of elected representatives.  This is in the boxes to the right on the card. Blanco County uses only 8 of the 10 boxes, and they look a little different than the sample pictured here. See below:


USREP: Your member of the FEDERAL House of Representatives in Washington DC


STREP: Your member of the STATE House of Representatives in Austin TX

STSEN: Your member of the STATE Senate in Austin TX


COM: Your commissioner

JP: Your Justice of Peace

SCHOOL: Your school district

LIBRY: Library district

FJC: Fire department

The voter registration card looks like this SAMPLE:

Or click below on the county's website

Fight for peace in peace times



On your Voter Registration certificate, you will see a precinct number. Your residence is located in a specific “precinct” or area within the county where you will vote.

Or click below on the county's website

Voting places are called POLLING PLACES

Blanco County Precincts


  • Get yourself a sample ballot before each election by clicking on this link:
  • Scroll down to Sample Ballots.
  • Find the ballot for YOUR precinct (on your voting card).
  • On November 6th 2018 some ballots (Precinct 102,201,401) are for both General and Joint Election. This means that there are both people and issues on the ballot.  This time the issue is bonds for the Johnson City Independent School district. Click here to see more about this issue.
  • Print the ballot out and keep it.
  • On the ballot you can see all the people and issues being voted about. Learn about candidates here.
  • You can then prepare yourself by looking into it all at home before you go to the voting booth.
  • You are allowed to take the ballot with you into the voting booth.
  • Keep the ballot afterwards to remember how you voted, (for example in case of a run-off election).

A device (often a piece of paper) with which you cast your vote is called a BALLOT.

SAMPLE ballot

KINDS of elections

There are 4 kinds of elections in the US:


  • Primary
  • Run-Off
  • Special Election
  • General Election



  • Happens every two years.
  • The public can indicate their preference for a candidate in an upcoming general election or in special elections (which is if an elected stops being eligible).


Texas is an OPEN-primary state:


  • Voters, - even if unaffiliated, - can pick Republican or Democratic nominees, or if there is a third party option.
  • Whatever primary you decide to vote in, you can only vote in that same party’s runoff, if a runoff is held.
  • But, you can vote for either party's candidate in the general election.



  •  If no candidate receives a majority of the vote in the primary ( 50 % of the votes, PLUS at least 1 additional vote ), then the top two vote-getters will compete in a primary runoff.

General Election:


  • A general election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are chosen.
  • They are elections held at any level that involve competition between at least two parties.  (Levels can be: city, county, congressional district, state).
  • They occur every 2 to 6 years (depending on the positions being filled)
  • They include the presidential election (every 4 years)
  • "Midterm" refers to elections held in between the presidental election cycle of every 4 years.

Special Election:


  • An election for a particular emergency, out of the regular course.  As one held to fill a vacancy arising by death or other causes of the incumbent  (the person that presently holds that position)  of the office.


U.S. Election Assistance Commission

1335 East West Highway, Suite 4300Silver Spring, Maryland

20910Telephone: 866-747-1471

Texas 2018 elections are about:

  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House
  • Congressional special elections
  • Governor
  • Lt. Gov
  • Attorney General
  • State executive offices
  • State Senate
  • State House
  • Special state legislative
  • Supreme court
  • Appellate courts
  • Local judges
  • School boards
  • Municipal

Said by Stephen Colbert after the school shootings in Santa Fe Texas:

"Our leaders are not doing enough. They are not making the changes for us,  to change this horrible situation.

If our leaders do not change our country, it's our responsibility as adults to change our leaders."

Dicho de Stephen Colbert después que los disparos de estudiantes en la escuela de Santa Fe, Tejas:

“Nuestras lideres no están haciendo suficiente para cambiar las cosas; para protegernos de estos tragedias y cambiar la situación horrible.

Si nuestros líderes no cambian nuestro ambiente y país, es nuestro responsabilidad como ciudadanos para cambiar nuestros líderes.”

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